Thursday, October 20, 2011

Medical Administrative Jobs

The medical field is a fast growing industry and with the demand for qualified professionals has opened the door to many opportunities. One of the fastest growing demands is for Medical Administrative representatives who can work with little or no supervision. The position requires the ability to administer patient information accurately, expedite paperwork in a timely manner. Correlate information through proper channels and display excellent customer service skills and excellent communication.

The primary functions of a medical administrative representative is to make sure that the office environment whether in a hospital setting or health care facility; runs efficiently and that the personnel are kept informed of proper information and patient information. The education required for the position is a high school graduate with some proficiency in medical terminology, medical administrative training and experience either in a hospital or health care facility. Depending on where the job is located having CPR training is a plus. Displaying proficient computers skills such as excel, powerpoint, outlook, MS Word is an absolute must.

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One of the characteristics for being a good medical administrator is exercising strong customer service skills and excellent communication on the phone as well as in person. Maintain a good rapport with the employees and public will ensure mutual respect and trust. The medical administrator's duties include the handling of confidential information and must instill within the team discretion. Scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, sitting and standing for periods at a time is important. The medical administrator is responsible for the team and office environment functioning.

Medical Administrative Jobs

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