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How to Do Health Insurance Comparison Before Buying

Before you start comparing health insurance plans you should know the 3 basic factors that determine health insurance rates:

1. Your age. Premiums increase as you grow older, but the benchmark is age 65. This is the age where a person is eligible to receive Medicare from the Federal government.

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2. Where you live. Federal and state laws regulate insurance and differences exist between states. Medical care costs depend on the geographic area where you reside, so insurance premium rates can vary for different locations even within the same state.

3. Your health and habits. Some insurance carriers will not accept applicants with pre-existing conditions. But they differ on what type of disease, occupation, or other conditions are not acceptable. Some conditions, such as kidney failure that require dialysis, are eligible to receive Medicare.

Check if your employer provides group health insurance for company personnel. If yes, check if it extends to members of your family. You can save money by identifying the extent of your group coverage, and getting additional health insurance only for those areas that you lack. If you're self-employed or have your own business, you should get private individual health insurance because expenses due to unexpected illnesses, or other medical emergencies, can be a huge financial drain on anyone.

The common types of private health insurance include:

• HMO. Health Maintenance Organizations are known for affordability. HMO coverage means your medical needs should be attended to by a network of hospitals and physicians under the HMO organization in your health plan.

• PPO. Preferred Provider Organizations are also a form of managed health care similar to HMO. But PPO's are flexible because you can get partial coverage for health services outside their network.

• POS. Point-of-Service means you need a primary doctor for your coverage. It's somewhat similar to PPO since you can also avail of partial coverage outside its network.

• FFS. Fee-for-Service is a traditional form of health insurance coverage. It's much more comprehensive because you have options to choose where you get your medical needs attended to. It's also more expensive than the other forms of coverage. In general, a health insurance policy that costs less in terms of monthly premiums means paying a larger share of the medical expenses.

Aside from premium rates, the other costs of health insurance coverage you should be aware of are:

• Co-Insurance. This is a portion of the total amount you may be required to provide. It can be anywhere from 10% to 80%. For example, if a medical procedure costs 0 and your co-insurance is 10%, then you need to pay . The insurance will cover the rest.

• Deductible. This is an amount set by the insurance company. You will need to pay this amount before the company assumes responsibility for further medical costs. It's generally computed on an annual basis.

• Co-Payment. This is an amount that you may be required to pay for visits to a doctor, or for a prescription. It's a charge that you and the insurance company agree upon prior to buying your plan.

Finally, keep in mind that this is just a guide to help your research on health insurance. More importantly, it's a guide to help you ask the right questions when comparing plans. To get the best answers you need the help of an expert.

Consult with a licensed, knowledgeable health insurance financial professional before buying your plan.

How to Do Health Insurance Comparison Before Buying

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cheap Health Insurance Quotes - Tips You Can't Afford Not to Know

Cheap group health insurance is not as hard to find as you might think. Many companies offer good rates the problem is in the details. The first and most obvious problem is that you are not a group, you are just looking for the group rate. Insurance companies need a large client base to disperse the cost of a few individuals that will cost the company millions of dollars because of bad luck and bad health.

If the client base is to small they will go bankrupt and the other clients will not get the treatment they have paid for and deserve. Most people rely on their employer to provide their health care. In my opinion will have to change and is part of the problem. The older we get the worse it will become if we ever have to change jobs. The chance of pre-existing conditions grows greater every year after we reach forty. We will have to have better access to cheap group health insurance.

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You will have to start with internet every thing is internet driven. You have to be careful but it is the best way to find whatever you are looking for. check all the facts before you buy. There will be things that are more important to you than others. The best way to get a good price for all is to find a cheap group health insurance policy. Even finding good rates in the work place is getting harder and harder. With the costs going through the roof with no real relief in sight.

Only the largest employers can offer the best possible rates on insurance. It is estimated that about 59% of individuals get their health insurance from the company they work for. Companies have to turn a profit and it gets harder and harder for them to do this if they have to keep up with health care. It is all our responsibilities to try to control the cost of health care. We are an unfit society and most of us could use to lose a few pounds, quit smoking or exercise a little bit more. These things alone could bring down the cost of health care astronomically.

There are also many illegal immigrants that use the emergency room as their personal doctor. There are so many things bringing the health care system down The best solution seems to be group health care. Cheap health insurance quotes are the best way to insure the mass of people that are uninsured. The unemployed also are in great need of access to insurance. The only way to get this accomplished is to give every one access to insurance that goes across state lines and from job to job.

Cheap Health Insurance Quotes - Tips You Can't Afford Not to Know

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Symptoms of Pain and Illness in Dogs

Dog owners, who recognize the early signs and symptoms of illness or pain in their dogs, will not only relieve their loved one's suffering but may also be able to save themselves an expensive trip to the veterinarian. Not only is it important to recognize these signs early to relieve pain and suffering, but it is much more effective to treat an illness when it is detected early.

The dog owner should keep an accurate and detailed account of their dog's symptoms to help the veterinarian correctly diagnose and effectively treat the dog's illness or condition. Most canine illnesses are detected through a combination of various signs and symptoms:

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Temperature, Respiratory Rate and Heart Rate

A newborn puppy will have a temperature of 94-97º F. which will eventually reach the normal adult body temperature of 101.5º F. at the age of 4 weeks old. Take care when trying to take your dog or puppies temperature as the thermometer can easily be broken off in the canine's rectum. Also any form of excitement can cause the temperature to rise by 2-3º when the dog is actually in normal health. If your dog's temperature reaches 105º or above OR 96º or below please take him/her to the emergency vet immediately!

An adult dog will have a respiratory rate of 15-20 breaths per minute (depending on such variables as size and weight) and a heart rate of 80-120 beats per minute. You can feel for your dog's heartbeat by placing your hand on his/her lower ribcage just behind the elbow. Don't be alarmed if the heartbeat seems irregular compared to a human's heartbeat, it is irregular in many dogs. Have your vet check it out and get used to how it feels when it is normal.

Behavior Changes

Any behavior changes that are not associated with a change in the household atmosphere, such as jealousy over a new pet or child may be an indication of an illness. Signs of behavioral changes may be:

o Depression

o Anxiety

o Fatigue

o Sleepiness

o Trembling

o Falling/Stumbling

If your dog shows any of these signs, he/she needs to be kept under close watch for a few hours, or even a few days, until positive signs develop or he/she has returned to normal. Do not try to exercise the dog or put him/her in any situation that may cause stress. Most veterinarians will want for you to keep track of when the symptoms first appeared, whether they are getting better or worse, and also whether the symptoms are intermittent, continuous, or increasing in frequency.


Dogs that are in pain will likely indicate that they are suffering by giving you clues as to where the area of discomfort is. For instance, a dog that has abdominal pain will continually glance toward their belly, bite or lick the area, and will not want to leave his/her bed. The dog may stand hunched over, or take the 'prayer position' which is when a dog gets down on it's forelegs with the hind legs still standing, because of the pain in her abdomen area.

Dogs can not tell you that they are hurting or cry real tears but a dog may vocalize their pain in a different way. A dog that is hurt suddenly (such as being stepped on) will cry out or wimper in pain. This also happens when an external injury or internal injury (such as an organ) is touched. Whining or vocalization that is unprovoked may be caused from an internal injury as well. Some breeds of dogs (such as the American Pit Bull Terrier) have a higher pain threshold and need to be watched more closely for signs of pain. Breeds with a high pain tolerance are more likely to endure the pain without vocalization.

Another clue to pain is a change in temperament. A dog that is in pain may show signs of aggression. Please take note of this before concluding that a dog has become vicious and let your veterinarian know so that the correct treatment can be administered. Also females in general (even humans!) have days when they are just in a bad mood for no obvious reason. Take note of days of times that these mood swings occur as well as any events that might have triggered them.

Other signs that your dog may be sick:

o Ears: discharge, debris, odor, scratching, crusted tips, twitching or shaking.

o Eyes: redness, swelling or discharge.

o Nose: runny, thickened or colored discharge, crusty.

o Coughing, sneezing, vomiting or gagging.

o Shortness of breath, irregular breathing or prolonged/heavy panting

o Evidence of parasites in the dog's stool, strange color, blood in the stool, or lack of a bowel movement (constipation).

o Loss of appetite or not drinking as much water as normally would.

o Weight Loss.

o Strange color of urine, small amount of urine, straining, dribbling, or not going as frequently as normal.

o Bad odor coming from mouth, ears, or skin.

o Hair loss, wounds, tumors, dander or change of the skin's color.

o Biting of the skin, parasites, scratching or licking the skin frequently.

The preceding article was meant to help educate you to the signs and symptoms of probable pain or sickness in your dog. If any of these symptoms occur over a prolonged period of time, please seek the help of a veterinarian. I hope that this article will help stress the importance of keeping watch over your dog's health patterns and the importance of keeping an accurate, detailed health record for your veterinarian's convenience.

Symptoms of Pain and Illness in Dogs

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly - 5 Tips

Exercise is an important part of any weight loss regimen. But with busy schedules, we all want to know which exercises will help us lose the most weight quickly.

Broadly, there are two types of exercises: aerobic and strength training (or anaerobic), and each one contributes differently to weight loss. Aerobic exercise burns fat calories while you are engaged in the exercise itself. On the other hand, strength training primarily contributes to weight loss by helping to increase the speed of your resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is the number of calories your body burns while you are at rest. Your RMR actually increases (i.e., burns more calories) the more muscular your body is because it takes much more energy to maintain muscles than it does to maintain fat.

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Important note: remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so some strength training exercises will make you healthier and more attractive while not necessarily contributing to weight loss. But, muscles are a "good" kind of weight and you should aim to build more muscle in order to help keep body fat at bay.

Here are 5 tips for exercises - both aerobic and strength training - you can do at home to lose weight quickly.

Tip #1: Squats: Your buttocks and leg muscles are the largest muscles in your body. Every day in front of the mirror, put your feet at shoulder width while facing forward and squat down-and-up 10-20 times for 2 or 3 sets. This will build your leg and buttock muscles. As you build up strength, try holding 2 or 5 pound dumbbells in your hands while you work out. Be sure to warm up first, and stop if you notice any sharp pain in your knees.

Tip #2: Pushups: Pushups are a form of strength training: during a pushup your arms have to support up to 70% of your body weight. Do 2 or 3 sets of 20 pushups to build arm strength and increase your RMR.

Tip #3: Jumping jacks: Jumping jacks are an excellent whole-body aerobic workout you can do right at home. Do 4 or 5 sets of 20 jumping jacks, or as needed. Hint: if you live in an apartment or stay in a second-story bedroom, be considerate of your neighbors by going outside or doing these in a first story room.

Tip #4: Fast walking: While walking is in itself a great aerobic exercise, fast walking is even better for burning fat. Make sure you really stretch first and warm up with regular walking. Once you start your faster walking pace, try to maintain as much speed as possible for as long as you can. If you get tired, try doing intervals of fast walking followed by short periods of slower walking.

Tip #5: Stepping: Stepping is a great way to get your heart beating and to burn calories. You can use your stairs at home, but for best results I suggest buying specialized stackable step mats and stack them up to at least 15 inches (38 cm). Do 2 to 3 sets of 20 steps each to begin. Even though you may not feel like the stepping is helping, it is! This exercise will not only help you lose weight but will also help shape up your buttocks and legs.

An important element in a strategy to lose weight quickly at home is to do a combination of exercises that build muscles (strength training) while burning fat (aerobic exercises). Start a regimen of most or all of these exercises 2-3 days/week and watch the unhealthy fat melt away.

Home Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly - 5 Tips

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grapes, Nuts, and Your Dogs Health - Foods that Fido should Avoid

"Magoo was a big, playful Labrador retriever who often got himself into sticky situations..."

So begins a story in the latest report from the ASPCA on foods that may be toxic to dogs. It turns out that Magoo got into the pantry and snagged himself about a pound of raisins. He ate the whole thing, of course.

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The ASPCA never mentions Magoo's fate. But they do tell us that as little as a handful of raisins can impair a dogs health and has been fatal for some. Ditto for the grape.

Who Knew?

Growing up, I regarded our family dogs as "the first cycle of the dishwasher". They were good about waiting their turn for whatever we left on our plates, and we weren't too concerned about offering them "people food". It never crossed our minds that our dogs health could be affected by a few measly table scraps. What was safe for us, we figured, was safe for our pets.

What's more, whenever I ate grapes, I liked to give one or two to our German Shepherd "Tiffany". The grapes always popped out of her mouth when she tried to bite into them and Tiffany, ever the good sport, refused to give up until she'd squashed each one into submission. It guaranteed at least 60 seconds of harmless fun.

Tiffany was also fond of chewing gum (she chewed it -- wrapper and all -- but didn't swallow it!) We had the sugarless kind, which is often sweetened these days with xylitol.

Little did I know that I might have been poisoning our family pet! (More on xylitol below).

Why are grapes harmful?

As far as grapes and raisins go, no one is sure why they're harmful. It's been confirmed that even grapes grown without fertilizers or pesticides can be toxic to dogs. But not to every dog, and not every time. It's also not known whether small amounts eaten over a long time period could have a cumulative effect.

What we do know is that the end result in nearly all reported cases of grape or raisin toxicity is acute kidney failure. (The term "acute" means that the condition is severe and comes on quickly.) The dog ultimately can't produce urine, which means they can't filter toxins out of their systems -- a process essential to life.

During the twelve-month period in which the effects of grapes were studied, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center handled 140 cases involving one or more dogs. Over a third of the dogs developed symptoms ranging from vomiting to kidney failure, and seven dogs died. The ASPCA based their study on reported cases, so naturally there may be cases where a dogs health is entirely unaffected by eating grapes. But until they know all the facts, the Society advises against feeding pets grapes or raisins in any amount.

An ounce of prevention

So, your dog just scored himself a big box of raisins. What's a pet owner to do?

The first line of defense, if the grapes or raisins were eaten recently, is to induce vomiting and administer activated charcoal (it absorbs toxins in the GI tract). Vomiting is also the first sign that your dog is in trouble, so skip right to the activated charcoal if vomiting has already occurred. (In a pinch you can make your own activated charcoal by charring a piece of toast until it's blackened and crumbles easily.) Then call your vet right away.

Can't reach the vet? Call ASPCA Poison Control: 888-426-4435

The vet will keep your dog on intravenous fluids for at least 48 hours and monitor blood chemistry daily. Normal blood work after 3 days usually means your dog is in the clear.

Keeping a watchful eye out, of course, is the best way to keep your pet out of trouble. Like children, dogs (and other pets) have a knack for getting into mischief when we're not looking.

It's Not Just the Grapes...

There are other foods your dog should be kept away from, and some of them may surprise you.

Here are some other foods that can put a dogs health in harms way:


Who can resist chocolate? Like it your not, your dog.

Chocolate is made with cocoa beans and cocoa beans contain a chemical called Theobromine, which is toxic to dogs. Different types of chocolate have varying effects on dogs health. Dark chocolate has the largest theobromine, coming in at a whopping 450mg (compared to 1mg for white chocolate). So on Valentine's Day, you're actually being kind to your best buddy if you eat all the chocolates yourself!

Cocoa Mulch

Cocoa bean shells are a by-product of chocolate production (which is how mulch made it into the "foods" category) and are popular as mulch for landscaping. Homeowners like the attractive color and scent, and the fact that the mulch breaks down into an organic fertilizer. However, some dogs like to eat it and it contains Theobromine.

Fatty foods

Fatty foods are hard for a dog to digest and can can overtax the pancreas, leading to pancreatitis. This can threaten your dogs health and is potentially fatal.


Macadamia nuts should be avoided. In fact most nuts are not good for a dogs health since their high phosporus content is said to lead to bladder stones.


Mulch isn't food, but there's one type tempting enough for dogs to eat. Some dogs are attracted to cocoa mulch, and will eat it in varying quantities. The coca bean shells can contain from 0.2% to 3% theobromine (the toxin ) as compaired to 1-4% in unprocessed beans.


Onions, especially raw onions, have been shown to trigger hemolytic anemia in dogs. (Stephen J Ettinger, D.V.M and Edward C. Fieldman, D.V.M. 's book: Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine vol. 2 pg 1884.) Stay away from onion powder too.


Potato poisonings among people and dogs are rare but have occurred. The toxin, solanine, is poorly absorbed and is only found in green sprouts (these occur in tubers exposed to sunlight) and green potato skins. This explains why incidents seldom occur. Note that cooked, mashed potatoes are fine for a dogs health, actually quite nutritious and digestible.

Artificial Sweeteners

Xylitol is used as a sweetener in many products, especially sugarless gum and candies. Ingesting large amounts of products sweetened with xylitol may cause a sudden drop in blood sugar in dogs, resulting depression, loss of coordination, and seizures. According to Dr. Eric K. Dunayer, a consulting veterinarian in clinical toxicology for the poison control center, "These signs can develop quite rapidly, at times less than 30 minutes after ingestion of the product" states Dr. Dunayer, "...therefore, it is important that pet owners seek veterinary treatment immediately."


Turkey skin is currently thought to cause acute pancreatis in dogs, partly due to it's high fat content.

Other foods listed by the ASPCA as harmful:

Alcoholic beverages

Avocado (the only "fatty" member of the vegetable family)

Coffee (all forms of coffee)

Moldy or spoiled foods


Yeast dough


The Bottom Line

Thanks to a more educated public, fewer fatalities from foods like chocolate are being reported these days. But it's important to keep up with what's currently known about foods and their effects on dogs health. Grapes and cocoa mulch, for example, were only discovered very recently to have harmful effects.
Check frequently with sources like the ASPCA, or sign up for the "Cold Noses News" and we'll keep you informed. (You'll also get a bunch of cool dog stuff along with your free registration).

Of course, being alert and getting your pet to the vet promptly will help assure a happy outcome if something unfortunate should happen.
Here's to your dogs health and good nutrition!

Grapes, Nuts, and Your Dogs Health - Foods that Fido should Avoid

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Physician's Resume Gets A Clean Bill Of Health

Are you a physician, therapist or other health care professional looking to brush up your resume? Here are seven smart tactics you can employ right now to give your resume a check up and promote your professional expertise.

Structure your resume to match the priorities of the position you're aiming for. When recruiters are screening resumes, it's the information at the top of the page that's likely to be noticed first. So make sure that you highlight the most telling aspects of your background in a skills summary or profile statement at the beginning. Choose a resume format that suits your preferred career summary. If the progress of your work history from job to job is a persuasive factor, a reverse chronological format may be right for you. If, on the other hand, you wish to promote groups of skills more strongly, you may be better off choosing a functional format which emphasizes your specialist knowledge under appropriate category headings. The first two strategies give you the opportunity to create the right resume 'architecture' for your application. It's up to you to decide how to prioritize the information that you'll include. For example, job candidates often put their educational details after their work history -- but would that suit your needs best? Depending on your experience and specialist medical area, you may want to indicate your training and its practical application earlier in the resume to lend it greater emphasis. Have you carried out research into particular conditions, diseases or methods of treatment? Such investigative work may be a powerful influence in your favor, along with any papers or reference work you may have published. It's likely that your resume will be screened by fellow professionals who have an understanding of the kind of medical terminology or expert language that is common currency between fellow practitioners. It can be useful show your familiarity with clinical terms, acronyms and other vocabulary in your field. These keywords may also be important if recruiters employ automated scanning techniques to make a preliminary selection. Clarity of presentation will enhance your resume, particularly if it contains a lot of important detail. So ensure that you make it easy to read by sensible use of typography and layout. Bullet points help the reader to absorb detail and white space between sections makes a document easy on the eye. If you have too much information to fit on one page, it may be better to continue onto a second sheet rather than reducing font sizes. You can benefit greatly by asking for a second opinion of your resume's appearance from someone whose judgment you trust. Ask them about your resume's legibility -- and also ask for their help in checking spelling.

Health Check

Physician's Resume Gets A Clean Bill Of Health

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Coventry Health Insurance - Make Sure You Check These

1. Coventry health insurance: It pays to look through your health insurance policy at least once a year or as often as you think changes have occurred in your health or that of your family member. Even if this does not lead to savings, it will ensure you always have adequate health insurance.

While doing this routine check you can also become aware of coverage no longer need. Dropping such unnecessary coverage will reduce your health insurance rates. A good example is a family health insurance policy that still includes your married daughter who is now on the same health insurance plan with her husband.

Health Check

It may only occur to you when you get your annual payment notice. And you could be over-joyed with the fact that your child is now in college or married that the last thing you'll even consider is which insurance coverage you have to drop.

2. Coventry health insurance: Are the limits of your health insurance policy reasonable? The maximum amount an insurer will pay out if an insured develops a catastrophic health condition is worth considering. If they have limits that you consider unreasonable then it's time to shop for another health insurance provider.

Do not also fail to check to ensure the maximum you'll be expected to contribute to treatments each year is good enough for you. Like in the previous case start shopping for a better health insurance carrier if it's not good enough.

Coventry health insurance: Get and compare quotes from five or more insurance quotes sites if you want to lower your health insurance rates by a huge margin. The more sites you get quotes from, the better as you'll be more likely to make huge savings this way.

Coventry Health Insurance - Make Sure You Check These

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Medical Debt Relief - Check the Bill Carefully and Keep Loan Relief Options Open

When your son has met with an accident and is admitted in the hospital, do you ever keep track of the various procedures done and the medications provided? You are keen on making your son right again that you are prepared to follow any and every instruction that medical expert issues. In such a scenario, possibility of a mistake in the hospital bill and overcharging is always present.

This is a significant factor contributing to high medical bills that people are facing today. Service providers charge for each and every small service provided to the patient. In such a scenario, increasing the number of instances of procedures done or adding a few phantom charges can easily increase your medical debt.

Health Check

Hence, you should take care to analyze and assess the bill very carefully. Keep in mind that doing such a thing is not sign of ungratefulness. Rather, you are merely helping the hospital service provider by checking the bill and making sure that there are no errors in the same.

It is very important to maintain your cool and calm when you are dealing with a medical emergency. Of course, watching our family members suffering pain because of an accident or disease is not an easy task. However, you should remain calm and composed because the hospital bills have a huge impact on your finances.

Most individuals make the mistake of immediately clearing the entire bill using their credit card. Once this happens, the debt would be transformed from a medical debt to a consumer debt. When your debt collectors contact you, they do not see whether you have incurred huge debt because of a financial emergency or because of sheer carelessness. This will significantly downgrade your negotiating position.

On the other hand, if you seek for more time to repay the medical bills, you always have option of getting in touch with a debt settlement or debt negotiation company and arriving at a mutually beneficial payment which may involve a fifty to seventy percent waiver. If you use your credit card to pay the bill, you will have less money to manage day to day expenses and you will have to run after your card issuers for a credit card debt settlement.

If you do not have the skills or the patience to undertake this task, you should get in touch with debt relief service provider even as the medical treatment is ongoing. This will ensure you always on top of your medical debts.

Medical Debt Relief - Check the Bill Carefully and Keep Loan Relief Options Open


Sunday, January 1, 2012

What is Gallbladder Sludge?

The gallbladder is an organ and it is there to store bile that builds up before it travels further to the small intestine where it plays a role in processing fats and neutralizing acids from foods that have been digested. Bile can build up in the gallbladder and particles can attach to other substances found there, such as calcium, salts or cholesterol from fats. Gallbladder sludge is the result of the combination of bile particles, calcium salts and cholesterol crystals. The sludge also builds up when certain other factors and conditions are present. For example, gallbladder sludge is especially prone to building up during pregnancy, crash dieting with fast weight loss or when certain medications are being taken. In most cases, however, the sludge forms with no particular reason at all behind it.

One problem that is directly caused by a build up of gallbladder sludge is the formation of gallstones. Whereas the sludge itself does not cause many symptoms at all, the gallstones can produce more severe pain and become a problem. The gallstones that form from the sludge that remains in the gallbladder can be small in size or large and the big sizes stones are the ones that cause the symptoms to appear. Other problems caused by sludge include an inflammation of the pancreas, inflammation of gallstones and obstruction of biliary ducts which provide passage for the bile to the small intestine.

Health Check

For the majority of people that have a build up of gallbladder sludge, they will experience no adverse effects or symptoms at all. The only real symptoms that sludge cause are pains linked to vomiting and nausea. Finding sludge and determining that it is even there can only be done through an ultrasound examination or by testing the contents found in the bile itself. Since sludge and gallstones are usually asymptomatic, no medical treatment is necessary. Sometimes the gallbladder sludge dissolves on its own and disappears for reasons unknown to doctors. If the sludge remains and starts causing symptoms to appear and when large gallstones start developing, then the most effective treatment is to just remove the entire gallbladder.

What is Gallbladder Sludge?

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